The images from Quick•Step’s international ad campaign demonstrate how their floors inspire the imagination.


Quick•Step® is no stranger to innovation. The company is well known for transforming both the style and substance of today’s flooring. The direct-pressure laminate technology Quick•Step® pioneered is the industry standard, while their patented Uniclic® locking system eliminated the need for glue and revolutionized the industry. They lead the industry in style, offering more high-end design features including authentic color reproduction, a greater number of surface textures and a variety of realistic edge features. These innovations changed what people expected from floors.

And the changes are sure to continue.

The amazing Quick•Step® floors of today are more beautiful, more durable and easier to install than the floors of yesterday. Now consumers have access to dozens and dozens of stunning flooring styles and colors. They are no longer limited to the traditional options of the past. They can choose the look of rustic solid planks, hard-to-find exotics, intricate inlay medallions and naturally stylish ceramic and stone tiles. With so many incredible design options and thoughtful details, homeowners are free to express their unique styles - and transform their homes. All the while knowing that the beauty of their Quick•Step® floors will stand up to everyday living.

The floors are beautiful. And beautifully made.

Quick•Step® is mindful of the environment at every step - protecting nature’s limited resources and protecting its precious forests. The company conserves energy and recycles materials wherever possible, reusing resins, wood products and wood dust during the manufacturing process. The core layer of their floors is made from managed-forest softwood made from wood chips obtained as a byproduct from nearby lumber companies. The floors themselves are reusable because they can be unclicked and moved to another room or recycled! But this is only the beginning. Quick•Step®  continues to find new ways to conserve, recycle and protect nature.

Quick•Step® floors will change, again, what people expect from floors.

And tomorrow’s floors? Quick•Step® won’t simply offer the latest design trends. It will continue to create them. Quick•Step® floors of tomorrow are sure to stimulate the imagination. It will be more beautiful. More surprising. More durable. More comfortable. And even easier to install and maintain. They’ll be more than floors. They’ll inspire creative new design possibilities. Express a personality. Create a mood. Transform rooms - and lives!

It’s amazing what a floor can do.