You may already be familiar with the phrase: “From forest to finished product.” After all, it’s a concept we often talk about at LAUZON. Because LAUZON is a fully integrated operation, we can control every aspect of our production and reinforce our “green” values during each step of the process – from the careful selection of trees in the forest to the moment LAUZON floors are shipped to retailers.

But here’s something you may not know: LAUZON actually leaves the forest in better shape. That’s right. We’re not talking about minimizing damage to the forest. We’re talking about making it stronger and healthier than it was before. A healthier forest means a healthier environment, and that’s something we could all use.

“Companies in our industry have a social responsibility to protect the environment. Forward-thinking companies succeed in making positive environmental impacts without sacrificing profits.”

LAUZON benefits greatly from it’s vertically integrated operations. This rare and enviable position has allowed us to become the uncontested leader in sound environmental practices. With this position comes the responsibility to protect and promote our forests – a responsibility that we take very seriously. So how do we “walk the talk”?

First, we are accountable for all the resources we use and that is why we selectively harvest trees. Our forests are the planet’s lungs – especially growing forests. Trees feed off light, water … and carbon dioxide (CO2). While they are growing, trees transform CO2   into oxygen. But once the trees become too old, this process actually reverses. While it dies and rots in the forest, a tree releases all of its accumulated carbon dioxide back into the environment. This is why selective harvesting is so important.

LAUZON only harvests trees whose growth period has ended. Cutting down a mature tree that no longer produces oxygen creates room for a younger tree that will. When we transform a mature tree into a floor, this wood flooring will confine the carbon dioxide within its fibers indefinitely. In other words, hardwood floors actually help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Second, we purchase only ethically harvested products. As a case in point, LAUZON has consistently refused to purchase Merbau wood illegally cut down from Indonesian forests to satisfy the disproportionate Asian demand for low-cost wood.

So spread the good word: tell your customers they should feel good about LAUZON hardwood floors. They are contributing to our forests and environment.