Corporations best demonstrate social responsibility by introducing products with environmental benefits for customers. MAPEI operates under a “continuous innovation” strategy to develop technologies that deliver those benefits.

Dust-Free Technology is the latest innovation from MAPEI’s global research and development laboratories. It enables MAPEI to produce powdered mortars, grouts and other cementitious products with a considerable reduction in dust levels. Performance testing has shown that up to 90% less dust is produced during pouring, mixing and use of MAPEI products manufactured with Dust-Free Technology.

“We are eager to work with this new technology,” said Dr. Neil McMurdie, R&D Director for MAPEI Americas. “Our goal is to add Dust-Free Technology to as many of our cementitious products as possible. Of course, our main focus is to ensure that Dust-Free Technology does not significantly change any of the working characteristics of MAPEI’s products. Our focus is to integrate this new technology into the same product performance and add the major benefit of a cleaner job site for installers and property owners.”

The first MAPEI Americas product to benefit from Dust-Free Technology is a standard in the industry – Ultraflex™ 2 polymer-modified, thin-set mortar. “In order to make Dust-Free Technology available to the largest number of installers, we chose our most widely used mortar as the initial launch product,” said Jeff Leone, Director of Strategic Marketing. “The benefits are tremendous.” Installers will find dust-free Ultraflex 2 on distributors’ shelves during the fourth quarter of 2007.

MAPEI’s Opticolor stain-free grout makes epoxy grout easier for contractors to install, and Ultraplan Easy self-leveling underlayment saves concrete restoration contractors time and labor by reducing surface-preparation time. Likewise, Dust-Free Technology in Ultraflex 2 and other cementitious products from MAPEI will make the job site a cleaner place to work. These recent technologies exemplify the tradition of innovation that has made MAPEI a technological leader in its industry and benchmark company for social responsibility.