Since it opened in Taiwan in 1972, the Champion Group has been committed to filling unmet needs in the flooring marketplace. Today, that commitment is paying off. Whether it is developing compelling new tile flooring or a better way to manufacture or distribute its products, Champion’s key strength has been innovation. A major part of that commitment has been to focus on producing product in an environmentally responsible manner. This is why Champion proudly claims to have the only “Green” factory of its type in China. It is also the largest tile manufacturer and distributor in Taiwan.

Now, more than 35 years since shipping its first products, Champion enjoys a number of impressive accomplishments. The company specializes in manufacturing the highest quality residential and commercial through-body and glazed tiles which are distributed worldwide. Its environmentally-responsible factories operate with internal standards higher than European EN, US ANSI, Japan JIS, and Singapore SS.

Champion’s passion for high quality products has brought more attention to the company. Not only have consumers responded, so too have officials in the Chinese government. In fact, the government selected Champion products for one of the most ambitious projects ever seen in China: the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Other projects involving Champion include the Beijing Capital International Airport (already completed), National Stadium and Laoshan Velodrome (both under construction).

The company’s commitment to the environment is not a new development as it began instituting “Green” factories in the 90’s. The outcome has been rewarding: Champion’s 3 plants in Asia are all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Champion’s approach has also earned another impressive recognition: last year it was named as one of Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands 2006, as well as ISO 14025 Green Choice.

Basalt Stone used in Champion’s 18,000 sqft showroom in Taiwan.

Encouraged by the success it has enjoyed in Asia, a major goal for Champion is to introduce its products in the US market. The company’s team of engineers and designers has been developing glazed porcelain tiles well-suited to the demands of the US consumers. A prominent example is Basalt Stone, which was designed specifically for the US market.

Basalt Stone was created to preserve the beauty and strength of natural stone in its pattern, look and touch. For example, Basalt Stone’s surface finish is completed by advanced dry application technology that includes anti-slip materials and dry grains. The granular surface enables the tile to offer superior anti-slip effects, as well as superior abrasion resistance. It is also designed to be more durable. This means safer walkways and a surface that remains scratch-free. Basalt Stone is well suited to public and commercial heavy traffic areas, residential indoor and outdoor use and is available in five colors and two sizes. It can be used on walls or floors and is rated with a Mohs Hardness level 7 equivalent.