ALLOC’s new “green” message.

ALLOC’s new “green” message.


Now more than ever, the flooring marketplace is inundated with companies touting the theme of being green.   For laminate manufacturer ALLOC, being green is nothing new.  As the first brand to offer glueless interlocking laminate planks, ALLOC has a history of environmentally responsible manufacturing-using recycled materials and employing conscientious production practices to make products that last. 

What is new is ALLOC’s latest communications geared toward sharing the brand’s “green message” with consumers.  From new advertising to innovative retail video kiosks, ALLOC is taking a progressive approach to tell consumers about its progressive practices. 

At the core of the communications campaign, ALLOC has a solid environmental message to share.  Notably, all ALLOC products are made with wood scrapings and sawdust that would otherwise be discarded in landfills.  The company recycles 100% of its waste to be used as energy during manufacturing.  Additionally, ALLOC’s wood looks are achieved through eco-friendly printing processes and 100% of the aluminum and packaging used for ALLOC products is recycled.

ALLOC’s goal is to take this substantive message directly to consumers-to reach decision-makers in the midst of home improvement projects. One way ALLOC is doing so is through the creation and placement of national consumer advertising.  The company recently unveiled a new ad conveying the longstanding commitment to environmentally sound manufacturing.  The ad is slated to appear in national publications targeted to homeowners.

Another progressive way ALLOC is connecting with consumers is through in-store video kiosks.  These small, touch-screen monitors will be located in the laminate flooring aisles of select retail outlets.  Consumers shopping for floors will be able to access a brief, informative and inspirational video about ALLOC products with the touch of a fingertip.  The goal is to provide discerning homeowners with pertinent, key messages-such as ALLOC’s commitment to the environment and ease of installation-that will spark sales.

ALLOC’s current communications campaign and green message are a true boost for its distribution and retail partners.  The company has created each element to drive traffic on a regional/local level-to help its network of premier partners achieve increased sales. 

With beautiful, high quality products and an environmental message as solid as each plank it manufactures, ALLOC is leading the way in laminate flooring innovations.

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