China Ceramics City

The Ceramic Tile Distributors Association said it has received "enthusiastic responses from CTDA members" for the 2008 CTDA China Ceramic Tile Trade Mission set for June 18-29. The group has already confirmed 33 participants for the event, which will include visits to factories, showrooms at some of China's top ceramic-producing areas and is set to feature networking and forums with some of China's top ceramic tile experts.

"The Chinese organizers are rolling out the red carpet for the U.S. ceramic tile distributors and eager to present their latest innovations and designs. Years of hard working and heavy investment in design and manufacturing facilities has raised the Chinese ceramic tile industry to a formidable world class player," the CTDA said.

The trade mission is sponsored by the CTDA, U.S. China Ceramic Tile Association, and China Ceramics City/China Ceramics Industry Headquarters. For more information, visit or