Shaw Industries and Kruse Carpet Recycling were named Recyclers of the Year during the recent Carpet America Recovery Effort Conference in Clearwater Beach, Fla. The event, which featured updates on carpet reclamation efforts in the industry and a discussion on the role of government procurement activity, marked the second year that the award was given to both large and small companies.

Shaw was honored for its Shaw Green Edge initiative. A key to the company’s environmental efforts is its Evergreen carpet recycling plant in Augusta, Ga. Since opening last year, the plant has already diverted millions of pounds of old carpet from the landfill.

“We’re very proud of what we have been able to accomplish through the Green Edge Program and the Evergreen facility,” said Steve Bradfield, Shaw’s director of environmental affairs. “As the consuming public grows more aware of the environmental impact of waste, recycling efforts – especially those on a grand scale, such as Evergreen – will attract greater consumer interest and will make a difference in how consumers choose products.”

Kruse Carpet Recycling was also honored. The brainchild of Richard D. Kruse, the Indianapolis-based plant opened in 1997 and guarantees its customers that all carpet collected at the site will stay out of the landfill.

CARE also recognized Russ DeLozier, PCC collection manager for Shaw Industries, as its CARE Person of the Year. He is credited with setting up environmentally conscious plants that manufacture plastics including nylon, and headed the efforts to bring the Evergreen facility online.

“I’m standing here tonight accepting this award for a lot of people who have put a lot of time and effort into making this facility work,” DeLozier said. “his could not have been possible without Shaw’s dedication and commitment to doing the right thing, and I’m honored to be here before you and honored to part of this great company and facility.”