For anyone who has ever walked across a cold floor on a chilly morning, it is not hard to see the value of floor warming systems. According to manufacturers in the segment, electric heating offers a low-cost and energy-efficient way to stay warm. Additionally, these systems can help knock out allergens and improve indoor air quality, they note. Following is a look at some of the latest heating systems for flooring on the market.

Warm Tiles system is EasyHeat's latest

EasyHeat offers several options for floor warming with its Warm Tiles systems. Available as an electric floor cable and a SAM mat, Warm Tiles is designed with energy efficiency and indoor air quality in mind. For details, circle 285 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

ProSpec, Tyco team up for RayChem QuickNet

ProSpec has partnered with Tyco Thermal Controls to distribute the Raychem QuickNet Electric Heated Flooring System. Designed for use under ceramic tile and stone, the QuickNet system offers a low profile in a 3mm heating mat. Additionally, the product is designed for quick installation.For details, circle 283 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Laticrete Floor Heat aims for quick installs

Laticrete has taken the wraps off of Laticrete Floor Heat. The floor warming system features an exclusive self-adhesive mesh and wire backing designed for faster installation. The system is part of the company’s lifetime residential warranty, which covers the system as well as thin-set mortar and grout.For details, circle 281 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

MP Global intros QuietWarmth

QuietWarmth from MP Global Products is a radiant heat system designed for floating floors. The company notes that the QuietWarmth system does not need to be fastened to the floor under floating laminate and wood flooring. QuietWarmth can also be installed under ceramic tile. For details, circle 279 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

ThermoSoft system offered in mats, grids

ThermoSoft offers its latest electric radiant floor heating mat. The 1/8” contractor-grade mat is designed to minimize floor height and lay flat for quick installation. Mats are easily manipulated on-site to fit any space. Additionally, a 1/2” mat grid allows penetration of thin-set or self-leveling cement for one-step installation.For details, circle 275 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Everything in the box: New SunTouch mat kit

SunTouch, a division of Watts Radiant, has launched the SunTouch mat kit. Each kit includes a SunTouch mat, programmable control, double-sided tape, LoudMouth monitor, and installation manual and DVD. Kits are offered from 10 to 80 sq. ft. in 120v formats.For details, circle 277 on the Reader Inquiry Card.