EASYHEAT® has been producing heating cable systems for over 50 years. But as all leading companies know,  competitive advantage is how you keep ahead of your competition. EASYHEAT engineers knew the time was right to redesign the Warm Tiles mat system to meet the demands of the market.

Today’s customers demand simplicity. The end users want a mat system that is economical to purchase, doesn’t hold up the project with long, complicated installation times and doesn’t cost a lot to install. The installer wants a mat system that

doesn’t slow him down during the overall installation project, doesn’t add a lot of height to the thickness of the floor, and increases his overall profits for the job. The dealer and distributors want a mat system that has fewer sku’s to inventory, is easy to figure out which unit to purchase, and comes complete with everything you need to install the floor warming system.

EASYHEAT delivers on all counts. Warm Tiles high quality SAM Mat system is economical to purchase, install easily and quickly so requires less labor to install. The mat system is only 3/16" thick, sold in square footage kits to cover any application, provides choices for thermostat controls and accessories to help you monitor your installation process.

The self-adhesive mesh allows the installer to place the mat on the substrate, have it stay put with minimal effort while embedding the mat in thin-set or self-leveling underlayment. The SAM mat kits come in only one 20” wide width, which simplifies everything. One width can cover all sizes and shapes.  With just a pair of scissors or a utility knife and your hands, you can place the mat, cut the mesh in place and continue to layout the mat until you have filled up your heated floor space. Because the self-adhesive quality is so strong, you can lift and move until you have the layout the way you want. The instructions are easy to follow and there is someone to call in Tech Service if you have a problem.

You don’t need a computer or scientific calculator to figure out which mat kit to purchase. EASYHEAT has done all the work for you. Simply match the square footage of the heated area in the room with the square footage in our easy to follow selection chart. This SAM mat comes in multiple square foot kits to match your needs in both 120V and 240V. If your room is bigger than our largest kit, simply use multiple kits. We also have Warm Tiles Relay kits to handle the thermostat.

You don’t have to wait for days and weeks for a customized room layout. We’ve made is easy to do yourself with our graph paper that is scaled to the proper spacing. With just a pencil and our easy directions, you can draw your own room layout in minutes. Don’t like what you did, use another sheet of Warm Tiles room layout paper. It is designed to fit in copiers. Of course, we will gladly do it for you if you choose. But isn’t it nice to know that it is easy enough to do it yourself without having to wait.

EASYHEAT doesn’t believe that installing a floor warming system should be so complicated that only an expert can do it. You don’t need fancy software, CAD systems with degreed operators or have a lot of experience doing electrical installations. You just need to read the simple installation directions provide in every Warm Tiles floor warming kit. That’s all there is to do! We really do know how to make it EASY! www.warmtiles.com for more information.- Kathleen Scranton, Easy Heat Marketing Manager