Shaw Hospitality Group's angela adams Garden Collection was featured at HBO's Emmy afterparty.

Two patterns from Shaw Hospitality Group's angela adams Garden collection were front and center during HBO's Emmy afterparty held late last year in Los Angeles. The garden-inspired looks were complemented by several other products designed to evoke a late '50s/early '60s Brazilian architectural feel.

Looking for products that evoked the work of famed architect OScar Niemeyer, celebrity event planner and designer Billy Butchkavitz was drawn to the Shaw Hospitality carpets during last May's HD Expo in Las Vegas. “The carpets were fresh, vibrant and current yet reflective of the 1960s style of Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural designs in Brasilia,” Butchkavitz said. “I personalized the carpet with colors that perked up the patterns based on the party theme, and the carpet added a very hot design element that set the stage for the party.”

The entryway to HBO's Emmy afterparty was bedecked with Shaw Hospitality Carpet designed to evoke a '60s Brazilian feel.

Desiree Worsley, vp marketing for Shaw Hospitality Group, noted the angela adams collections were perfectly suited for designers. "We are beginning to see more designers choose patterns with tactile appeal and boldness in the hospitality industry, whereas non-descript styles with little to no pattern were formerly the norm. The HBO Emmy party is a perfect example of how angela adams’ style brings a bold, fresh look to any design scheme,” she said.