NFTpresents the CEO Letter Series, a special section featuring open letters to the industry from the leaders of several companies. In these letters, the CEOs have a platform to talk about their latest products and also to connect with their customers outside the boardroom in a virtual one-to-one discussion.

It’s no secret the economy has had a big impact on the construction industry, and many of these letters talk about the recession in terms of the much-awaited recovery, as well as the pent-up demand it will create in consumers.

The letters spell out the ways these companies are preparing for the recovery with new products and programs. Additionally, many CEOs predict that soon, there will be a welcome return to higher levels of business.

We hope these letters give you an insight into the minds behind some of the major movers and shakers in the industry. The letters in this section strike a similar tone: we’re going to make it through, and we will emerge wiser and stronger than ever.