Jaeckle Distributors, RA Siegel and Hughes Western have signed on as regional distribution centers as part of Alloc and Berry Floor's recently launched distribution model. The new strategy is aimed at "strategically placed inventories of Alloc and Berry products that will allow for shorter lead times on delivery, improved freight efficiencies and lower carrying costs."

"Our ultimate goal is to support distributors and retailers during these trying times by providing seamless product supply and exception service," said Alan Flanagan, vp sales for Alloc and Berry Floor. "This forward-thinking system is reaffirmation of our commitment to our business partners. Finding ways to save cost while increasing our service levels to our customers should be our constant goal, regardless of the market conditions."

According to the companies, through this new agreement, products will be available "with ample inventory levels on hand, closer to retailers, in order to quickly replenish orders as they are received."

The new system will also result in "fewer back orders and shipping displays," Alloc and Berry said.