The Flooring Installation Association of North America (FIANA) and BlueTech's online marketing and training program BlueVolt have partnered to launch the FIANA Training Center, a new online resource for flooring distributors and manufacturers. The Training Center, located a web-based platform that delivers product training directly to frontline sales people including inside, outside, and counter sales teams.

“FIANA Training Center is an important development in the flooring industry because it’s the most effective way to ensure sales teams throughout the entire industry are educated in the latest products, trends and techniques,” said Sharon Dunigan, account executive at BlueVolt. “We are pleased to contribute to FIANA’s efforts.”

Distributors can register for the FIANA Training Center by clicking on the training link on the FIANA web site. Additionally, manufacturer members can submit courses to the Training Center, which is updated with new courses as new information and product courses become available.

“Distributor and manufacturer members throughout the United States and Canada look to FIANA for educational and networking opportunities that grow their businesses. The new FIANA Training Center takes it to the next level,” said Gary Verhey, FIANA president and CEO. ”BlueVolt’s experience delivering online education platforms for many industry associations was the key to getting everything in place quickly and efficiently.” FIANA has also hired BlueVolt to create a tradeshow and online marketing video to promote the Training Center and drive traffic to the online courses.