A&W/Ark Floors has signed the Copenhagen Communiqué, an initiative calling for an ambitious, robust and equitable global deal regarding climate change. It is intended to become an international agreement laying the foundation for low-carbon growth.

“This is A&W/ARK Floors most recent step in our continuing commitment to the environment and sustainable practices,” said Ira Lefkowitz, president and CEO of ARK Floors U.S division. “Our company Chairman, Carl Lu, takes this issue very seriously and we are proud to be part of a global effort that raises awareness in the need to support action on climate change.”

The Communiqué launched globally on September 22 at the United Nations where it was officially handed over to the Secretary-General. The event at the U.N. was also marked by Chinese President Hu Jintao’s speech on climate change, where he pledged to reduce emissions by a notable margin with a specific list of measures, including reforestation. As a manufacturer in China, A&W/Ark Floors also remains committed to the environment, the company said.

A&W/Ark Floors has been recognized by some the world's most prestigious environmental organizations and was one of China’s first members of WWF/CFTN (China Forest & Trade Network). In 2006 A&W Ark Floors received its Green Pass to the international timber and flooring market Chain of Custody Certification. A&W Chairman Carl Lu has been a guest speaker at the WWF’s “World Forest Environment Forum” receiving recognition for contributing to responsible forestry.