Key to the city of Carrara, Italy, presented to Walker Zanger.
Photo Credit: Walker Zanger

Carrara, the Italian home to marble quarries since the second century B.C., has recognized Walker Zanger with the key to the city in honor of the company’s “decades-long effort to promote Carrara’s marble to the rest of the world,” notes Walker Zanger.

The tribute, presented to Walker Zanger by the mayor of Carrara, Angelo Zubbani is a medal representing the great city, carved by the famous Carrara sculptor Floriano Bodini.

Walker Zanger’s relationship with Carrara, Italy extends back to the 1950s, when Leon Zanger, Walker Zanger founder and CEO, began exploring the ancient, rich marble quarries of the small town.

“The very term ‘Carrara marble’ has entered the vocabulary of architects, designers, and discriminating homeowners as being synonymous with the best,” says Jonathan Zanger, president of Walker Zanger. “We are extremely proud to have helped educate the world about its beauty, and are delighted and humbled by this recognition bestowed upon us by its namesake city.”