Rubber flooring, long championed for its slip resistance and recyclability, is finding footholds in new markets. Additionally, manufacturers are expanding their product lines with programs that allow their rubber flooring to be mixed and matched with other flooring options. Following is a sampling of some of the latest rubber flooring products available.

Tuflex from Roppe enters new spaces

Roppe’s Tuflex Recycled Rubber Flooring tile, originally designed for sports applications, is now reaching other areas of the market. Annenburg Cultural Center in L.A. installed Tuflex in their space for photography exhibits (pictured). The product can also be used in retail, hospitality and healthcare facilities. For details, circle 297 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Mannington unveils Premium Rubber line

Mannington Commercial has launched the Premium Rubber Flooring line, including floor tiles, wall base, stair treads and finishing accessories. Tiles are offered in classic round, simple square and sculpted texture profiles, in solid colors or with non-directional flecks. Twenty-five of the more than 70 colors can coordinate with Mannington VCT.For details, circle 295 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

ECOsurfaces' ECOrx a laminated rubber floor

ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring presents ECOrx, a laminated flooring product featuring a recycled rubber wear layer bonded to a nearly 100 percent recycled SBR rubber underlayment. ECOrx is offered in 83 standard colors, in a 3.2 mm wear layer and 12mm underlayment thickness.For details, circle 299 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Allstate Rubber flooring in wide range of colors

Allstate Rubber offers more than 100 colors in over 40 textures in rubber tile flooring. Additionally, the flooring is available in solid colors, “confetti” (where customers pick their own style and color combination), and a range of multi-purpose options. For details, circle 293 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Work Station Plus new from Musson

Musson Rubber offers Work Station Plus, a line of black and gray mats made using grease-resistant rubber. The 1/2” thick, 3’ by 5’ lightweight, drain-through mats are designed to offer foot comfort and traction in areas that require constant standing.For details, circle 291 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Flexco's Tuflex Force includes green content

Tuflex Force Rubber Flooring from Flexco is made using a special vulcanization process to ensure “an inseparable, indestructible bond from top to bottom,” according to the company. Available in 12 coordinating Flexco SpexTones colors, Tuflex Force is offered in 3/8” gauge, 27” by 27” interlocking and square edge tiles, using 85 percent recycled content.For details, circle 289 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Johnsonite rubber flooring aimed at ‘Balanced Choice'

Johnsonite offers rubber flooring collections designed to exemplify the company’s “Balanced Choice” philosophy. Options include a wide array of colors, patterns and textures, such as marbleized and speckled patterns. Floors are also offered in a range of shapes, and virtually unlimited custom colors, the company said.For details, circle 287 on the Reader Inquiry Card.