No matter whether you’re optimistic about the coming economic recovery or pessimistic about the current situation, a good attitude is imperative for you and all members of your company’s team to grow and maintain your position in the marketplace.

A good attitude also leads to better health for you and your company. Additionally, keeping your key company team members happy will foster a better work environment, which will lead to more positive attitude and creativity from your team.

A negative attitude often leads to overlooking new business growth opportunities. It might be hard to believe, but many businesses actually grow in down economies. Just look at companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Genentech, Skype, CNN, and Trader Joe’s – they all started and thrived during economic down times ranging from the mid-‘70s recession to the crash of the ‘90s.

Another downside of a negative attitude is the tone presented to your customers and business partners. Nobody wants to work – or do business with someone who is always looking at the problems but never the solutions. Use this time to hone your business and experiment with your product mix. You’ll never know what will be successful for you and your company if you don’t try.

A good attitude and good morale in your employees is conveyed to all that come in contact with your company. Word of mouth advertising from a happy customer brings more clients to your business and so on. More customers lead to increased sales for the store and salespeople. Get the idea? A good attitude can lead to a booming business and a bright future full of opportunities for expansion and growth potential. Success definitely leads to more success.

Going to work is exciting when things are good…sales are up, the staff is happy, and expansion is expected in the short-term. Likewise, when things are slow and sales are off, your team members are not happy. People are not in a cheery mood, so installation errors may occur, or products ordered incorrectly. The end result: Referrals will be few.

In the simplest of terms a good attitude can be contagious, and leads to good results in all of our efforts, both professionally and personally. Start changing your attitude today by reaching out to people in your company and family. Make the effort and not only will your business grow, but so will you.