Unilin Flooring, the maker of Mohawk, Quick-Step, and Columbia Flooring laminate brands, has been granted a new glueless patent by the European Patent Office (EPO).  The EPO recently granted EP 1 541 778 B1 to Unilin.  This patent is the 190th granted patent in Unilin’s original glueless patent family, according to the company.

This patent, which claims priority in 1996/1997, protects glueless flooring systems that can be angled at the long side and that can be snapped at the short side.  Products covered by this patent would typically have an angle-snap joint but the patent also covers products with angle-push joints.

Unilin has patent protection in 52 countries and has consistently been successful in its defense of its patents and in legal action against infringers, the company said.  Unilin has never hesitated to enforce its patents against infringements.  This has resulted in favorable rulings in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and in the U.S.  In the U.S., the ITC’s General Exclusion Order means that when violating product is stopped at the border, the violators have 30 days to export the material or the confiscated product is destroyed.

“Unilin has solidly earned its position in the industry as the technology and innovation leader by historically launching many ‘industry firsts’ such as Uniclic that later became the accepted industry standards.  Patents and the protection of our intellectual property are integral parts of this innovation process,” said Roger Farabee, senior vice president of marketing, Unilin Flooring, a Mohawk Industries company.