CCA Global's Charlie Dilks and Armstrong's Paul Murfin pose in front of Armstrong's Luxe Plank display after announcing the company’s new partnership.

CCA Global Partners celebrated 25 years of Carpet One Floor & Home and announced a new direct sales approach with Armstrong at its recent convention in Washington, D.C., which included separate shows for Carpet One Floor & Home, Flooring America/Flooring Canada and ProSource dealers. The partnership, which is aimed at offering better service on Armstrong products to CCA dealers, would push distributors into a “logistics only function,” according to Paul Murfin, vp sales, Armstrong Floor Products.

General Colin Powell gave a keynote address to Carpet One Floor & Home dealers comparing the worlds of politics and business.

“Armstrong will handle customer service and credit, and a field team will call on member stores. Relative to our distributors, this is definitely a change,” Murfin acknowledged.

Charlie Dilks, chief product officer of CCA Global Partners, said the plan will require a measured roll out to the different divisions which include Carpet One Floor & Home, Flooring America, Flooring Canada, ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings and International Design Guild stores.

“We have a plan to roll out the transition with certain divisions starting over others,” he said. “It's a work in progress to get out and line up all the elements of this partnership.”

Dale Smith, general manager of Carpet One Floor & Home in Topeka, Kan., said he was excited about the new Tigressa carpet line.

Frank Ready, CEO of Armstrong North American Floor Products, explained the new partnership would offer “on time delivery, effective set up, training and after-sale follow ups.”

“Armstrong is putting our field sales team in your stores, and will work locally with you to execute our [programs],” he said in announcing the new partnership to retailers at the convention. “This direct basis of sale, I believe, will improve communication and eliminate redundant costs.”

The Carpet One Floor & Home convention also included a special keynote from General Colin Powell. He talked about the similarities between the worlds of politics and business, and congratulated Carpet One Floor & Home for 25 years in business. The show was also the launching pad of a new carpet line, Tigressa Softstyle Carpet.

Show goers browse products near a Shaw display at the Carpet One Floor & Home convention.

The carpet brand is designed to offer a soft nylon feel and long-lasting durability, according to the company. Tigressa Softstyle is set to hit CCA Global showrooms in April.

Dealers said they were excited about the new products. “Tigressa, no question gives us a competitive advantage,” noted Rocco Norton, president and CEO of Flooring America dealer Andros Floor Design in Santa Barbara, Calif. “Supporting CCA is great because they always give us something new and unique [to sell].”

Dale Smith, general manager of Carpet One Floor & Home in Topeka, Kan., said he was excited about the new products as well as the new partnership with Armstrong. He added the new arrangement with distributors would not be a major challenge. “Everyone is used to a changing world now,” he explained.

Gene Pope, president of Gene’s Flooring America in East Moline, Ill., said both the new Tigressa assortment and the alignment with Armstrong would be beneficial to his company. “I’m glad CCA came out with Tigressa and the Armstrong partnership,” he said. “CCA is here to teach us and train us so we can continue to be forward-looking.”-Michael Chmielecki