Shaw announced it is adding a new, high performance hardwood flooring finish to its Epic brand, named ScufResist PLATINUM. According to Shaw Floors, Shaw hardwoods with ScufResist PLATINUM can easily resist scuffs.

To back up this claim, retailers and builders attending Shaw’s January market events as well as the company’s International Builder Show booth in Las Vegas were invited to scuff samples of imported hardwood flooring and a brand of domestic hardwood flooring with a heavy duty, nationally recognized scouring pad. Next, attendees compared the samples to Shaw Epic Hardwood with the new ScufResist PLATINUM finish. After rubbing the sample less than 10 times with the scouring pad, the difference in scuff resistance was already evident, Shaw noted.

“Which hardwood floor would a consumer rather purchase--Shaw Epic hardwood with ScufResist PLATINUM or a product that can be destroyed with a common household scouring pad in three to five seconds?” said Kevin Thompson, Shaw’s hardwood product category manager. “Testing proves that ScufResist provides the consumer with permission to enjoy life on her hardwood floors.”   

ScufResist PLATINUM utilizes the same manufacturing processes as before, but with the addition of ultra wear-resistant particles in the top coats of finish. This technology keeps the finish clear and smooth while adding unsurpassed abrasion resistance, Shaw said.

According to Don Finkell, president and CEO of Shaw sister company Anderson, the finish is one of the first innovations to come out of Shaw’s new Hardwood Research & Development Group. The Group was formed last September as part of Shaw’s hardwood reorganization plan. “Studies revealed that durability was still a major concern for potential buyers of hardwood floors and finding a more durable finish was a top priority for our in-house wood and finish experts,” said Finkell, who heads up the Hardwood R&D Group for Shaw. “It will change wood finishing as much as aluminum oxide did when Anderson brought it out in 1997.”

ScufResist PLATINUM is now being added to Shaw’s Epic products and will be used in the future to improve all of Shaw’s hardwood products. By April 1, all Epic products will be shipped with new ScufResist PLATINUM. For more information,