Pierre Hebert

Pierre Hebert, manager of Technical Services for MAPEI Inc., recently gave a presentation during a dinner conference held by the Montreal Chapter of DCC (Construction Specification Canada) that included key points on the proper surface preparation necessary to achieve successful ceramic, stone and soft floor-covering installations, with specific focus on the “ABCs” of general substrate condition requirements. With the aid of visual tools, Hebert helped “attendees recognize potential contaminants that can affect bond performance and later showed how surface-preparation equipment works,” MAPEI says.

The session concluded with an overview of available technology and preparation products, ranging from fast-setting patching and screed mortars to levelers, different types of membranes and moisture-mitigation barriers.

More than 70 people attended the dinner conference, including a mix of architects and students in architecture. “This was a very interested, engaged group,” Hebert said. “These opportunities to educate and inform our colleagues about new technologies help everyone in our industry.”