The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) has received the Golden Thinker Award from North American Precis Syndicate, Inc. The honor is given to individuals and/or companies whose featured releases have received extremely high pick-up and use by America's newspaper editors.    

The WFCA was selected for this award from a group that included nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies, most of the 100 largest advertisers across the U.S., the 20 largest PR firms in the country, more than 100 associations and numerous government agencies. According to executives at NAPS, the number of press hits generated by the WFCA has been "absolutely extraordinary."

On average, NAPS release stories receive 100-400 placements, with 400 being a rarity. The WFCA's release “Hints for the Home” has brought in 1,196 placements to date. The consumer story, crafted by WFCA’s PR firm Story Dept., offered helpful hints for cleaning and maintaining all types of floors. The content resonated so well with the press that 86 percent of the stories generated from the release ran in the nation’s top 50 markets across the United States. The resulting media placements from the WFCA release placed it in the top one-quarter of one percent of all releases distributed to the media through NAPS.