Dale Huffstetler (left), Regional Director American Heart Association, presents Ralph Boe with the “Fit Friendly Company” award and copies of the Fortune article.

Ralph Boe with Award of Appreciation presented to him by the “Be Your Best” wellness team.

What was anticipated to take a full year was accomplished two months early. In October, Beaulieu associates surprised their fitness coach (Ralph Boe, CEO and President of Beaulieu of America) by crossing the 1 million mile finish line ahead of schedule. Boe led the charge for his “Million Mile Challenge” to encourage all Beaulieu associates to walk each day for better fitness and health by practicing what he preached (by walking 613.1 miles so far this year). 

The program began with the new year and ended with a celebration and a challenge. “I’m so proud of the effort to not only achieve, but beat the 1 Million Mile Challenge. It puts us that much further ahead in being more responsible for our individual health and improved quality of life,” announced Boe. “Our goal for two million miles in 2010 can definitely become a reality.”

The Million Mile Challenge encouraged Beaulieu associates to plan walking time into their daily routines. Company management accommodated and even set up walking courses at Beaulieu facilities. The goal was a healthier workforce and holding the line on insurance premiums. Within weeks, reports of successful results were reported to the “Be Your Best” wellness team.

In October, Beaulieu was one of only 820 companies (and the only one in the floor covering industry) to receive the American Heart Association “The Start! Fit-Friendly Company” honors inFortunemagazine.