While so many others in the industry have been “talking the green talk,” XL Brands has stepped forward to “walk the walk” with regards to environmental sustainability.  For more than three decades XL Brands has been viewed as “eco-friendly” with our many low VOC adhesives.  While maintaining the high quality, low VOC adhesives that have brought us this far, XL Brands strives to achieve more.  As we continue our environmental commitment, XL Brands once again “LEEDs” the industry with the introduction of adhesives containing PCC (Post Consumer Content) that are SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) certified.

In 2009 XL Brands re-designed the face of floor covering adhesive packaging as the industry has known it for so long. We began providing many of our adhesives in a significantly more “green” packaging.  Since inception, XL has shipped more than 100,000 EkoBoxes of adhesive.  What does this mean in regards to the environment?  More than 270,000 lbs of polyethylene plastic has been diverted from landfills thus far.  In addition, over 53,000 gallons of oil has been saved by using the EkoBox.

The outer corrugated boxes of the EkoBox packaging are comprised of 100% recycled content and also 100% recyclable – easily recycled directly on many jobsites.  An added benefit of this packaging, it contributes to LEED Credit MR 2.1 (construction waste management, reducing amount of waste to landfill).

In January 2010, XL Brands was awarded the honor of achieving the coveted ISO 14001:2004 EMS (Environmental Management Systems) Certification.  Receiving this certification further reinforces XL’s dedication to being a more responsible manufacturer and to greatly reduce our carbon footprint.  As XL continues to grow, we are committed to leading the industry in environmental sustainability.

- Dena Withrow