Invista has unveiled “Getting it Right in Its First Life,” a new sustainability platform for its Antron fiber brand. First Life is defined as the time frame from when a new carpet is installed until it needs to be removed due to unacceptable appearance and/or performance. This approach supports existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) models but expands upon them to incorporate performance testing, customer use and maintenance through the first use of the product.

“It’s time to rethink how the industry defines sustainability. Conventional wisdom within the commercial interiors industry has been that recycled content equals sustainability, but we think that’s only part of the story,” said Diane O’Sullivan, global marketing director of Invista’s commercial flooring segment.  “We cannot look at single elements. We’re raising the bar with a holistic approach.”

Invista said the Antron brand is focusing on the First Life message because longer a product life can play a significant role in reducing the environmental effects associated with premature consumption of resources required to replace or recycle carpet.

“Customers may feel overwhelmed with the complexities of LCA models and environmental attributes. We want to simplify the process and give our customers the confidence of knowing that they are getting it right each time they specify carpets of Antron fiber,” O’Sullivan noted.

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