Goodfellow, Inc., Canada’s largest floor covering distributor, hosted “Stauf Training Night” in Burlington and Markam, Ontario, on April 19-20, 2010.

More than 120 installers and retailers attended the events, both of which included a meal, door prizes, and wood flooring installation tips.

Bob Sweezey, Technical Director for Stauf, presented a two-hour program on Stauf Adhesives, accessories, and installation techniques. Sweezey, a 40 year industry veteran, drew rave reviews, particularly when he presented his trouble-free board replacement technique. He also introduced Stauf’s new isocyanate-free Urethane-based adhesive, PUM-950, which the company says is the first and only one of its type.

“This was the best of the seminars Goodfellow sponsors throughout the year for our installers and dealers,” said Mary Lohmus, Vice-President, Ontario. “Bob’s knowledge and willingness to answer any question was a hit with our customers.”

Stauf’s new PUM-950 Power-Mastic Urethane Adhesive is particularly important to Roger Wilson, product manager for Goodfellow, because of the additional sales opportunity it brings the company.

“Having this product is certain to make our installers’ lives easier and eliminate complaints about etching that Urethane adhesives are known to create,” Wilson said. “Our entire organization looks forward to adding this great new Stauf technology to our product line.”

Wayne Noble, Sales Manager- Flooring, Ontario, managed the event, including the awarding of the large TV that Stauf donated. It was won by Mr. Hadi Sahlollbey, owner of Hadi’s Hardwood Flooring in Hamilton.

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