Karastan is featured prominently in the 2010 Showtime House, a New York City show home designed to reflect the cable network’s hit shows. The Showtime House will be open to the public through Oct. 23.

Three penthouses atop Manhattan’s Cassa Hotel and Residences have been transformed into show-stopping rooms of modern design inspired by seven Showtime original series. Karastan products are featured in four rooms:

Dexter:Castellane-soft shades of blue, green, gold and rust a textured cut-pile carpet crafted of New Zealand wool.

The Big C:Scandia in Ombre-a lush shag that creates visual interest with a “salt and pepper” sprinkling of light, medium and dark chocolate cabled yarns against a cloud white field.

United States of Tara:Almont-a soft heathered New Zealand wool yarn creates a modern two-tone block pattern.

Californication:Decolites in Flickering Torchlight-a ribbed carpet of New Zealand wool and multi-hued space-dyed nylon. (pictured)

Jeffrey Miller of ECCO Design explained his concept behind the Californication Lounge: “Our room is dark and moody like Hank (a conflicted writer and the show’s lead character). It’s composed of reflective fractal shapes in a black environment. The ribbed design of Decolites provides striated direction. So our idea was to compose fractal shapes from it, and vary the direction of the ribs on each piece, which enhances the directionality and contrast of each shape. Flickering Torchlight was great for us because it’s basically black but with flecks of multiple colors.”

For The Big C, which stars Laura Linney as a mother who is recently diagnosed with cancer, architect Stephen Chung focused on the concept of change and control in the Showtime House’s master bedroom. The bedroom is fitted with several interactive components, including built-in LED lighting that lines the perimeter of the floor and ceiling. The system, which scrolls through a rainbow of colors, can be controlled by a touchpad within easy reach of the bed.

“To heighten the variety of colors that the lighting offers, we chose a very white palette for the room, the walls, furniture, bedding. Karastan’s Scandia rug is a beautiful, creamy white. It also has tiny brown flecks, which actually complement the bleached oak flooring wonderfully.”

The Showtime House is open to the public on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Oct. 23. Tickets are $15 each with proceeds benefiting Harlem Children’s Zone. A virtual tour of the Showtime House is available atwww.showtimehouse.com.