The Carpet and Rug Institute is accepting product submissions for testing in its newest category, Pet Stain and Odor Removal, for the Seal of Approval testing and certification program.

The testing protocol for the Pet Stain and Odor category is designed to identify consumer market products that are effective on odors as well as stains. The pet odor and stain category joins the Carpet and Rug Institute’s existing spot remover and carpet cleaning solutions testing categories. The new protocol will test products marketed specifically for pet stain and odor removal on their ability to remove stains such as tracked-in dirt, urine, feces, vomit stains, and urine odor.

To perform the testing, trained personnel will test carpet stain and odor products against a rating scale where ten is odorless and one is “intolerable” odor. According to the laboratory that performs the tests, a pet product must score “three performance levels better when compared to plain water” in order to pass the CRI standard. To ascertain a product’s effectiveness against the powerful scent agents in cat urine which tend to grow stronger with the passage of time, odor assessment is performed again 72 hours after the initial test.

For the staining component of the testing, products must perform equal to or better than plain water, without causing change in the carpet’s color or encouraging accelerated resoiling.

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