Electric floor heating systems come in a range of options, including loose cables, mats and insulation plates. No matter what you choose, the systems are designed to efficiently heat while reducing energy bills. Photo courtesy Danfoss.

Electric floor warming systems, an extremely popular heating alternative in Europe, are growing in popularity in North American markets. Not only have these systems been a long-standing trend when it comes to modernizing, upgrading and optimizing comfort in homes, but many of these systems now offer cost-cutting benefits, reduced impact on the environment, and improved indoor air quality, making them an affordable and practical luxury.

Floor heating systems traditionally come in loose cable or mats, both ideal for tile applications. The loose cables are usually affordable and easily customizable; however, the installation process can be time consuming. The mat systems are just as effective as loose cables when it comes to the radiation and distribution of heat. Some mats have a much quicker installation time because of the adhesive backing that secures it to the floor. A lot of these systems carry 10- or 25-year warranties, but be wary of those that are pro-rated and depreciate in value with each passing year.

Consumers are looking to electric floor warming systems either as complimentary or primary heating because of the energy savings. Only the rooms that are regularly occupied are heated, while energy savings accumulate over time from those rooms that are rarely occupied.

Keep in mind that the selected electric floor warming system is only as efficient as your thermostat. Combining the floor warming system with a programmable, Energy Star certified thermostat will maximize energy efficiency and zoning options so that the end user has total control.

Another notable benefit of these systems is improved indoor air quality. Traditional forced air systems are not only drying, but can release airborne particles like bacteria and dust that can aggravate allergies and asthma. Using electric floor warming systems reduces the likelihood of particle inhalation while ensuring fresher air.

Electric heating insulation plates are one of the newest innovations to the electric floor warming family. These systems feature heat-conducting grooved aluminum plates, and are designed for use with engineered wood and laminate flooring. No matter what product you choose, electric floor warming products remain an economic and viable solution to the consumer’s needs.