Wools of New Zealand has launched its Wool: Clean Air Certification program. Wool: Clean Air Certified is an Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) program managed by Wools of New Zealand. In addition to meeting the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED point requirements, the certification also meets the standards for California Section 01350 and Collaborative for High Performance Schools CHPS.

Products approved to carry the Wool: Clean Air Certified label are tested by a certified independent laboratory and must pass stringent VOC emission testing for 13 contaminants. In addition, the products are required to meet scientifically established testing standards that verify reductions of VOCs in the indoor environment, including formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

“Wool is proven to significantly reduce indoor air contaminants within seven hours of installation and to keep contaminants out of the air for 30 years,” said Elise Demboski, executive director of North America for WONZ. “Unfortunately, this unique attribute is overlooked since wool only represents 2 percent of the market. Through the Wool: Clean Air Certified program, we are bringing wool to the forefront where it will be noticed.”

Carpets and rugs containing a minimum of 50 percent wool are eligible for Wool: Clean Air certification, with WONZ partners benefiting from reduced testing fees. Product samples are submitted by platform, which is dependent upon backing and latex type. Every platform is fully retested on an annual basis to maintain the integrity of the Wool: Clean Air certification.

The first company to carry the Wool: Clean Air Certified label on its products is Karastan. All wool carpets and rugs made by Karastan surpass the testing standards and prove to significantly reduce indoor air contaminants, according to WONZ.

“Wool has incredible attributes that deserve to be recognized,” says Connie Berry, director of marketing for Karastan. “As the largest manufacturer of wool carpets and rugs in America, we applaud Wools of New Zealand for giving wool a greater voice. Solid scientific backing and high testing standards, give the Wool: Clean Air Certified label impressive credibility that we are proud to carry on our products.“

Detailed information about the Wool: Clean Air Certified program is available onwoolcleanair.comand through WONZ at (800) 367-0462.