The National Wood Flooring Association will offer three Green Forest University webinars to help wood flooring professionals sell their products more effectively in the growing green marketplace.

The first webinar, “LEED, FSC & the NWFA RPP,” will be presented Dec. 2. Jason Grant, a consultant for more than two decades with the sustainable forest movement, will explore how the LEED rating system works and how it relates to wood products, progress with the Certified Wood Credit, and the major current and future trends in the broader development of the Materials and Resource Credit, FSC certification, and the NWFA RPP.

The second webinar, “Indoor Air Quality and Wood Flooring,” will be presented Dec. 9. Jan Stensland, a leader with more than 20 years experience in green building, will present the basics of indoor air quality issues and how they relate to wood products, the lastest CARB compliance and EPA regulations as they relate to wood, and help decipher the world of product certifications, especially those that relate to LEED projects.

The third webinar, “Illegal Logging and Lacey Compliance,” will be presented Dec. 16. Anne Middleton, an outreach coordinator for the Forest Campaign at the Environmental Investigation Agency, will define illegal logging and its impact on our industry, what the Lacey Act is and what it requires of wood products importers and their customers, and what the latest strategies, resources, and tools for managing risk and exercising “due care” are under Lacey.

Each session is $75 and will last one hour beginning noon Pacific, 1 p.m. Mountain, 2 p.m. Central, and 3 p.m. Eastern.  Discounts are available to NWFA members, and for attending all three sessions. For more information, contact the NWFA at (800) 422-4556 or online