Shaw Epic hardwood in Pebble Hill.

Shaw’s Epic hardwood in Rosedown Hickory was recently featured in the HGTV 2010 Green Home in Plymouth, Mass. According to Kevin Thompson, Shaw’s hardwood product manager, “Last year was great for us but 2010 has been an epic year. We’ve continually added staffing and shifts, and have expanded into new facilities in South Carolina.”

In the last 18 months, the company has more than doubled production, he said. “In addition, we’ve continued to expand the product line, including a plethora of hand-scraped and distressed visuals. There are over 100 SKUs in the Epic format, in different species and multiple widths.”

Epic hardwood features EnviroCore, an inner core made using post-consumer recycled content. Additionally, the products have been Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry.