Välinge has signed its second license agreement with a Chinese manufacturer for its latest installation system. The 5G-Wedge License Agreement in Wood was signed with Chinese manufacturer Dalian Huade of Dalian, China. Dalian Huade makes engineered parquet and solid wood flooring.

5G-Wedge is a Välinge 5G Side Push Technology that uses an installation very similar to 5G-S introduced by Kährs earlier this year. The 5G-Wedge system has recently been improved with the next generation of plastic tongues; this latest generation was launched to the market by Marty during the summer.

"The installation as well as the locking function of the 5G Wedge system has been very satisfactory. We have seen that since leading producers like Kährs and MeisterWerke have converted their product ranges in a broad scale to 5G Side Push systems, the interest for the technology has increased," said Per Nygren, Director Fold Down Technology at Välinge.