Two licensees that Välinge calls "one of the top laminate and one of the top wood flooring producers in Europe" have added the 5G-S side push fold down system. Both of the producers will also invest in Välinge´s Screw cutter and HP inserter. The licensees will each announce their launches according to their marketing plans later this year.

"We are now adding more focus on new producers. At the end of 2010 we expect to have several more licensees starting with 5G-S or 5G-Wedge in wood and laminate," sid Per Nygren, director fold down technology at Välinge.

The 5G-S system can be made compatible with the existing 5G system and production equipment and the locking tongue can be made in wood based or plastic based material. In production, 5G-S uses a screw cutter tooling system developed by Välinge.

5G-Wedge is another Välinge 5G Side Push Technology that uses an installation very similar to 5G-S. The 5G-Wedge system now features the latest generation of plastic tongues, according to the company.