LVT flooring maker Metroflor Corp. has named Russell Rogg as president and ceo. Rogg, formerly director of sales for Wilsonart Flooring, will assume the post immediately and will be responsible for all sales, marketing and operational aspects of the Metroflor business.

The company’s objective is to continue its efforts in the LVT category, with specific interest in strengthening its two-step distribution relationships and establishing continuity within its product portfolio.

“We are so thrilled to have Russ on our team now and feel he is the right man at the right time to lead Metroflor to the next level of success in our industry. Russ has the reputation for listening to the customers’ needs and working tirelessly to meet those needs in a professional and efficient manner,” said Harlan Stone, president and ceo of sister company Halstead International.

“I am honored to be joining Metroflor Corporation as president and ceo at this exciting time,” Rogg noted. “The industry is once again on the cusp of yet another rapid technological development as floating LVT products are beginning to adopt locking systems long seen as advantageous in the laminate and wood categories. Metroflor, as our heritage suggests, intends to be on the leading-edge of this next evolution and will soon be launching a broad and beautiful selection of new products incorporating a glueless locking system.”