AEC Store Corner - 2010 Hot Seller

AEC Store Corner - 2010 Hot Seller

The Complete Guide to Hardwood Flooring for the Retailer- $99.95

If you are like most retail flooring outlets you are likely operating with a very small percentage of the information and documentation you need to be more successful in selling hardwood flooring and managing the sub-contractors you hire to provide installation and finish.

Technical expertise and good sales management are two sides of the same coin and we have put together this package to help you with both areas of need. We have assembled our time-tested documents, forms, and handouts in this packet to save you time and money, and above all assist you in becoming more efficient and professional.

We include quantities of estimating forms, contract and proposal forms, valuable handouts on hardwood grading, hardness, and stability as well as customer handouts on expectations, care, and maintenance. To top it off - we provide you with guidelines to ethics and professionalism for your hardwood employees and sub-contractors.

As a bonus we include one copy of each of our books on prep, installation and finishing. And as a bonus we'll include a CD with a very comprehensive and easy-to-use Excel computer format to help you generate your own, customized in-house estimating tool. Follow this linkfor more information or to order this item.

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