Steve Kitezh, president, Retail Design Institute NYC, announced that RD Weis Companies Senior Account Manager James McVoy has been elected a board member of theRetail Design Institute.

Kitezh noted McVoy's years of experience at RD Weis Companies serving the design industry for product sourcing and development and for connecting designers, end users, and manufacturers.

"I know our members and friends will share the enthusiasm we have for James," Kitezh said, "and we thank him for joining and working with us to further the Retail Design Institute's goals to promote, educate, and present the many facets of the retail design industry to our international audience."

 The New York Chapter of the Retail Design Institute is the largest chapter in the organization. Its members include architects, interior designers, store planners, fixture suppliers and other trades. The organization has a long tradition of hosting monthly meetings where members and guests get together for refreshments and networking at events that include presentations of current trends and events in the world of store design.

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