Address: 211 Boston St., Middleton, MA 01949
Phone: (978) 750-7321
Fax: (978) 750-7212
Product Names: Bostik’s Ultra-Set® SingleStep™ is a one-part, trowel applied, tacking, moisture-cure urethane adhesive, moisture vapor and sound reduction membrane. This scientifically-formulated adhesive and membrane is very tenacious, has very low moisture permeability, and is formulated with patent pending Thickness-Control™ Spacer Technology to ensure proper membrane thickness between hardwood flooring and the substrate. The product does not contain any water, and has zero VOC as per SCAQMD 1168. MVP4® Moisture Vapor Protection is a one-part, trowel applied, elastomeric, moisture cure urethane membrane designed to reduce moisture vapor transmission from the subfloor; create a noise reduction barrier over the substrate; and establish an anti-fracture membrane that can bridge cracks that can occur in the substrate prior to or after installation (up to 1/8”) of engineered and solid hardwood flooring. MVP4 may be used over all substrates for hardwood flooring installations including: concrete, plywood, particle or chip board (underlayment grade), well bonded vinyl, ceramic tile, cement backer board, cement patch/underlayments, radiant heat flooring, and terrazzo. MVP4 contains Bostik BLOCKADE™ antimicrobial protection. Hydroment Ultra-Set Advanced elastomericwaterproofing/crack/sound isolation membrane and setting adhesive can be used over properly prepared concrete; structurally-sound, exterior grade plywood (interior/dry use only); cementitious backer board; and existing, well-bonded vinyl/VCT or ceramic tile; prior to the installation of ceramic or stone tile. Ultra-Set Advanced may be used with gypsum-based underlayments in dry, above grade installations with minimum compressive strengths of 2,000 psi.

Custom Building Products

Address: 13001 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach, CA 90740
Phone: (800) 272-8786
Product Names: EasyMat® Tile & Stone Underlayment – EasyMat with SoundGard® Technology is a versatile underlayment that is 25X lighter and 4X faster to install than backerboard. It offers a bonded anti-fracture system, reduces impact sound transmission and qualifies for our system’s lifetime warranty.

Keene Building Products

5910 Landerbrook Dr., Ste. #210, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
Phone: (440) 605-1020
Fax: (440) 605-1120
Product Names: Keene Building Products is a manufacturer of 3-dimensional filament products for noise control. Our noise products are designed for construction projects such as multi-family apartments and condominiums to stop impact and airborne noise. Quiet Qurl® was designed to provide code complaint noise reduction with most typical finished floors and joist assemblies. When used with a gypsum concrete pour this low profile system can achieve code STC and IIC needs. Quiet Qurl® products are available with traditional moisture control (MC) fabric, and with new enhancements: MT and RF. Quiet Qurl® products have a range of thicknesses from 0.125 inch to 0.75 inch. Quiet Qurl® MT is the most exciting technology we’ve developed. This “Muffling Technology” is available on any Quiet Qurl® product and adds a conformable bottom side muffler to the sound control mat. Quiet Qurl® RF is a fabric separation used to reinforce gypsum concrete in thin applications. The combination fiberglass fabric and coated fiberglass scrim acts to enhance tensile strength in the gypsum. Tensile strength has improved above 10% with the RF fabric. QQ Step Soft™ is a 100% recycled product that can be used directly under tile, engineered wood and traditional hardwood. The 1 mm to 8 mm product is full adhered when the finished flooring is fully adhered and loose laid when the finish flooring is floating.


Address: 1 LATICRETE Park North, Bethany, CT 06525
Phone: (800) 243-4788
Fax: (203) 393-1296
Product Names: LATICRETE® 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive features sound control and crack suppression in a one step single component adhesive.

Comprised of 30% post-consumer recycled content, LATICRETE® 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a lightweight superior crack prevention mortar independently tested by the TCNA to meet the ANSI A118.12 high performance standard for anti-fracture membranes. LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive also provides for exceptional sound deadening performance with a Delta IIC of 15. GREENGUARD certified and backed by a 25 Year System Warranty, LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive provides sound and anti-fracture protection in one simple step – just mix, spread, and set your tile or stone. LATICRETE® 170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat -- Sound control and crack suppression in an easy to install rolled mat. Comprised of 89% post consumer recycled content, LATICRETE® 170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat is a high performance 1/8” (3mm) thick underlayment membrane that provides exceptional sound reduction while simultaneously providing anti-fracture protection for tile or stone installations. LATICRETE 170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat offers a Δ IIC of 20 – Independently tested per ASTM E2179.

MAPEI Corporation

Address: 1144 E. Newport Center Dr., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Phone: (954) 246-8888
Fax: (954) 246-8801
Product Names: Outstanding lightweight crack-isolation membrane is a snap to install.

Mapeguard™ 2 is a peel-and-stick membrane that is 35% lighter than previous generations and offers high-performance, in-plane crack isolation up to 3/8” (10 mm).  This semi-rigid sheet easily cuts to size and positions without losing its form. This membrane is the ideal solution for crack isolation in flooring installations for high traffic, commercial settings and multi-story buildings. Mapeguard 2 helps prevent existing or future in-plane floor cracks (with movement up to 3/8” [10 mm] wide) from transmitting through grout, ceramic tile or natural stone. It also reduces impact sound (footsteps, dropped objects, etc.) and airborne sound (voice, TV, etc.) transmission through floors when installed under ceramic tile, stone or wood floor coverings.

Maxxon Corporation

Address: 920 Hamel Rd., Hamel, MN 55340
Phone: (800) 356-7887
Fax: (763) 478-2431
Product Names: Acousti-Mat® II -- The low 1/4” profile of Acousti-Mat II allows a thinner floating floor composite and is a cost-effective choice for both new floors and retrofit where floor height is a concern. It increases IIC levels up to 10 points over wood frame, and up to 20 points over concrete. It also increases the STC rating 6-15 points over a bare wood frame system. Acousti-Mat II is a green building material with 40% pre-consumer recycled content and is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. Enkasonic® -- The original sound control mat, it is a durable and proven solution - the only mat that has been tested after 10 years of use. (Enkasonic retained 97% of original thickness, was as pliable as a new roll, and performed equally to a newly manufactured roll.) It increases IIC levels up to 12 points over wood frame, and up to 20 points over concrete. It also increases the STC rating 6-15 points over a bare wood frame system.  Enkasonic is a green building material with 40% pre-consumer recycled content and is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. Acousti-Mat® 3 -- For super sound control even in open beam, concrete slab and conventional wood frame floor systems. Increases IIC levels up to 17 points over wood frame, and up to 25 points over concrete. Increases STC rating 6-15 points over bare wood frame system. Acousti-Mat 3 is a green building material with 40% pre-consumer recycled content and is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. Acousti-Mat® SD is designed to fit the flutes of 9/16” - 2 1/2” o.c. 22 gauge corrugated steel deck, opening corrugated steel deck projects to any floor good, not just quiet carpet and pad. Acousti-Mat SD requires only one underlayment pour, reducing project time to completion. Acousti-Mat SD is a green building material with 40% pre-consumer recycled content and is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. Acousti-Mat® LP Acousti

MP Global Products LLC

Address: P.O. Box 2283, Norfolk, NE 68702
Phone: (888) 379-9695
Fax: (402) 379-9737
Product Names: QuietWalk – Underlayment for floating wood and laminate flooring deadens the transfer of sound between rooms and improves the ambient sound within the room. Made of recycled materials for a truly green building product. QuietWarmth – All the acoustical benefits of QuietWalk with the added feature of radiant heat for laminate, wood and tile flooring. Insulayment – Acoustical underlayment similar to QuietWalk but designed for glue-down or nail-down wood; can also be used beneath ceramic tile for sound abatement and crack suppression. AbsorbaSound – A lightweight cross-link polyethylene foam acoustical underlayment. NoiseBlock – A dense cross-link polyethylene foam acoustical underlayment. SoundStep – A frothed rubber acoustical underlayment.

QT Sound Insulation/ECORE International

Address: 715 Fountain Ave., Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: (866) 326-5712
Fax: (717) 735-0908
Product Names: QT Sound Insulation is made from 92% resilient recycled rubber that can be used under all floor finishes or gypsum or full-weight concrete and is designed to solve almost any impact sound problem. Manufactured in the USA, QT can be used in any multi-level building (offices, high rises, multi-family housing) and is backed by over 200 different independent laboratory and field tests. The product and engineering support provided by QT guarantees that it will work as specified, every time. QT products can contribute up to 9 points toward a project’s LEED certification. QTscu is a patented product, RE 41,945. QTrbm is patent pending.

Stauf Adhesives, USA

Address: 6055 Primacy Pkwy, Ste 428, Memphis, TN 38119
Phone: (901) 820-0007
Fax: (901) 820-0101
Product Names: SMP-960 ONE-STEP – Provides STC and IIC sound ratings of 72 & 74 dB plus moisture barrier up to 12#, all in one application. Easy to spread and clean. Suitable for any width, thickness, length and specie of wood flooring. Meets LEED requirements. No VOC’s, carcinogens, nor etching of the floor finish. Anti-microbial. Certified Green by GEV. Non-flammable. Completely environmentally safe

Southern Grouts & Mortars, Inc.

Address: 1502 SW 2nd Place, Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Phone: (954) 943-2288
Product Names: CSM90 Sound Control Membrane is a self-adhering peel-and-stick membrane. CSM90 consists of a base layer of polymer modified elastomers permanently laminated to a stress flex fiber sheet to form a single, high performance, self bonding membrane over which ceramic tile or dimension stone can be installed immediately after placement with a latex-modified Portland cement mortar.


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