Over 35 Years of Green Products That Perform

By Drew Holland, Marketing Manager, Healthier Choice Flooring, LLC

One of the greatest challenges of making a purchasing decision is choosing between products that perform and products that are green. We all want products that will hold up to the demands of everyday life, yet we also want to do what is right for our environment. More often than not we can only choose one.

Fortunately, at Healthier Choice we make the decision easy. Healthier Choice™ premium carpet cushions and acoustical underlayments offer unrivaled performance and a remarkable green story.

At the heart of our products is our extremely durable polyurethane memory foam. The unique cell structure of our foam acts like millions of miniature shock absorbers providing unrivaled comfort and protection for carpets and a lifetime of acoustical performance for laminate and wood floors.

Our cushions offer the only lifetime “No-Crush” warranty, a 2X Warranty that doubles the texture retention warranty of any brand of residential carpet installed over it, and a unique warranty for hospitality applications that guarantees performance for two complete carpet installations. And our acoustical underlayments are warranted for a lifetime under any brand of laminate, engineered or hardwood floors to never lose their properties. This level of performance means that our products last longer, as well as extend the lifecycle of the primary floor covering installed over them, reducing landfill waste and increasing sustainability.

Sustainability, however, is just one aspect of Healthier Choice’s green story. Our products are comprised of over 50% natural resources including rapidly renewable soybean oil. Replacing equal amounts of petrochemicals with eco-friendly soybean oil reduces global warming emissions by 36%; and non-renewable energy use by 61%.

Healthier Choice products offer the lowest VOC emissions of their type in the industry. They are CRI Green Label Certified but are also the only cushions that are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®, passing the most stringent off-gassing criteria for low emitting building products.

As the result of a focused continuous improvement program, Healthier Choice operates a “zero-landfill” production facility, processing all manufacturing waste for use in products with recycled content. And once our products have reached the end of their useful life they still have value. They are 100% post-consumer recyclable, right back into new products.

Healthier Choice™ cushions and underlayments not only provide excellent performance they provide healthier indoor living and a greener, more sustainable environment. And the U.S Green Building Council agrees: Healthier Choice products contribute to multiple LEED credits including MR 6 - Rapidly Renewable Resources and EQ 4.3 - Low Emitting Product. To find out more about these excellent products please visit www.healthierchoice.com.