As we move through 2011, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. In difficult economic times the decisions we make and the business partners we choose are more critical than ever. Every mistake is seemingly magnified and brand loyalty is challenged from project to project.

ARDEX Americas strives to be the Ultimate Partner to our customers. In 2008, when the economy began to decline we recognized immediately the need to further increase support for our partners by providing real, tangible benefits that would give them a distinct competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.

Additional benefits provided would be based on the values that have made ARDEX the industry leader including, best-in-class products, expert technical support, unmatched customer service and innovation leadership. However, the first step would be to embrace change ourselves. At ARDEX Americas, we strategically restructured management and departmental roles, made significant capital investments in technology and infrastructure, and placed an even stronger focus on breakthrough and creative thinking.

As we improved internal structures and processes, we also streamlined our key customer programs into the ARDEX Preferred Partner Program comprised of distributors, contractors and architectural professionals. The program is designed to further improve two-way communication and to have our partners more engaged in the delivery of services and products that will impact their business and the industry.

Already recognized as the innovation leader, ARDEX became even more aggressive by launching over 35 new products since 2009. Some of these technologies have been recognized by industry experts as revolutionary including, ARDEX K 55™ MICROTEC® Premium High Flow, Self-Leveling Underlayment, ARDEX K 301™ Exterior Self-Leveling Topping and the ARDEX MC™ Moisture Control Systems.

In addition to high-performance products, we increased training at our four technical training centers, as well as in the field with ARDEX Field Technical Specialists and Sales Professionals. We also diversified into parallel market segments providing new business opportunities for our customers. This includes ARDEX Engineered Concrete Repair Systems, a full line offering of structural and non-structural concrete repair and restoration products. Also, we partnered with Diamatic®, a global leader in polished concrete equipment to lead the industry with the first comprehensive architectural process specification for polished concrete floors, the ULTRAFLOR® ARDEX® Diamatic® Polished Concrete System.

Leadership in environmental sustainability remains an important focus. HENRY® was the first flooring adhesive brand to introduce solvent free adhesives. Our GreenLine® Environmental Technology standards have been expanded to encompass ARDEX products and our R&D team remains keenly focused on developing environmentally-friendly products to reduce our footprint in the manufacture and use of our products. The ARDEX Architectural Team works hand-in-hand with architectural professionals to assist with specifications and to provide an understanding of how ARDEX and HENRY products contribute toward LEED® certification.

The results of the many changes we have implemented are clear. We have strengthened and solidified partnerships with customers throughout the sales channel and forged many new relationships. Through good times and tough times, ARDEX is your Ultimate Partner setting the standards for quality and innovation. We invite you to join us and we thank our current customers for their loyalty and commitment to excellence!


Stephan M. Liozu
President & CEO, ARDEX Americas