QFloors has added new features in response to the California Carpet Stewardship Law (California AB 2398), which went into effect July 1. The law requires an assessment of five cents per square yard on all carpet sold or shipped into the state, and is designed to incentivize the recycling and reclamation of carpet in California.

Current California QFloors customers received a software update, QFloors 6.0, prior to the law going into effect. Along with many other new capabilities, QFloors Version 6.0 features options created in direct response to the new California law. It updates invoices and tracking so that dealers can stay in compliance with the new law’s requirements.

QFloors ceo/president Chad Ogden stated, “This new California law puts a lot of added responsibility on dealers, who are already extremely busy. They are now required to invoice differently, and also have additional tracking and record-keeping responsibilities. We knew it was important to give dealers the option of having all of this done for them automatically.”

QFloors customer Decker Warner of By Design Floor Covering commented, “QFloors has helped immensely with our company’s transition over to [AB 2398] compliance ... [The software] now takes care of all that the Carpet Stewardship Law requires.”

The new QFloors 6.0 update also includes integrated sales tracking and productivity tools, quota/sales forecasting, efficiency reports, sales goals reports and advertising options. A new User Dashboard includes a contact manager, task manager and instant messaging. New B2B features, advanced search options, hot keys and promotional pricing options also are included.  

“We are really excited about QFloors 6.0. There are some pretty significant additions that are really going to be helpful to all dealers, not only those in California,” Ogden added.  

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