Iowa-based Waters Edge, a waterjet cutting, design and fabrication company, known for murals and medallions produced with waterjet-cut hard surface materials, has recently launched a new website site highlights the company’s commitment to offering quality waterjet work, and the many benefits gleaned by incorporating this computer-driven, totally green process.

“Waters Edge has a great opportunity to connect with members of the architectural & design communities,” explained Jason Schaum, business development at Waters Edge. “We’re pleased that our redesigned website offers insight into our firm's services in a user-friendly format. It's important that visitors to our new website are made aware of the fact that anything that can be drawn can be reproduced using hard surface materials with our waterjet-cutting technology. And, these images can last virtually forever."

The waterjet process itself consists of a computer-driven arm delivering a high pressure/high velocity stream of water capable of cutting through dense materials such as granite, glass, porcelain and stone. All cutting is "saved to disk" - meaning perfectly cut repeat work is always immediately available as long as the same types of original materials are available.

The new website presents an effective venue of accessing materials which explain the waterjet process, high-quality designs and examples of the creative procedure, and specific examples of work done with various methods and hard surface materials such as ceramic, stone, porcelain and mosaics. For more information, visit the website, call (319) 752-8844 or