Välinge is broadening its support and supply package for its licensees to include digital printing, offering access to a completely integrated system solution consisting of single-pass-printer, inks, decor development, image rip software and manufacturing support, developed with its partners and supplied by Välinge.

Välinge has for several years worked with digital printing technology suitable for the powder technology Nadura. A combination of Nadura digital printing will broaden the technical properties of Nadura with the flexibility and clear decor resolution of both powder technology and digital printing, according to the company.

The development of digitally printed Nadura has resulted in a robust and heavy duty single pass printer solution with associated inks and software suitable for most varied flooring applications.

“We have been searching for a reliable inkjet printhead solution that will give flexibility to jet the most common inks used today, such as UV inks and solvent-based inks while at the same time able to run stable in a dusty environment with more challenging water-based inks. After testing and prototype machine development, we have now identified the new StarFire SG-1024/M printhead from FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. as the optimal solution,” said Marcus Bergelin, Director Business Development, Välinge Innovation.

The width of the printer will be scalable up to 2340 mm and it can run with more than 1000 DPI at 20 m/minute depending on choice of printing substrate and ink. Maximum speed will be 60 m/min. The printing system and support will be supplied by Välinge.

This new printing system is based on the StarFire SG-1024 printhead and RediJet technology developed by Dimatix. According to Välinge, the defining characteristic of this technology is minimizing initial start-up and ongoing maintenance times along with reducing associated fluid consumption, especially when using faster drying and/or heavily pigmented ink formulations like those found in high-speed, industrial, single-pass systems.

The integrated package is in direct response to licensee demands for support while adapting to the future printing technology. “With almost two decades of cutting-edge technology, customer support and start-up service, Välinge forms the perfect partner for our licenses in this new field,” noted Niclas Håkansson, CEO Välinge Innovation.