Distributing the Best of Both Worlds -- Fausfloor® delivers realistic wood-look and tile-look

As the leader of innovation and technology in laminate flooring, Fausfloor® provides the most realistic designs and textures available in the industry.  Now with ever--increasing distribution throughout the United States, Fausfloor® is able to meet the market demands as a preferred laminate brand for retailers and consumers.   Faus Group, Inc aims to further grow its distribution network throughout the United States as is evident in the new distribution partnerships recently announced.  In fact, over the last 2 years Faus has added several new distribution partners including:  Century Flooring Distributors, Lensing Wholesale Inc, Radio Distributing Company, Central Distributors Inc, Self’s Inc, Classic Tile Inc, Allied Products, Inc., CDS Inc, E.J. Welch Company, and R.A. Siegel Co.  Faus Group, Inc is very pleased to have these fine partners on board and distributing the Fausfloor line in their respective territories. “As a part of our go to market strategy, we are continuing our effort to add strategic partners throughout the United States and Canada. This will maximize our potential for growth in both the near and long term” said David Carballo VP of Sales and Marketing at Faus Group, Inc.  

Historically, the laminate flooring side of the industry has primarily earned market share with traditional wood plank looks. In contrast, Faus owns the worldwide patent rights on Embossed In Register® along with several other patented technology’s. These patented technologies allow Faus to provide their distributors and retailers with the most realistic and unique wood grain, tile, slate, stone and porcelain designs in the industry. Faus boasts the most comprehensive product assortment and the most flexible pricing designed to satisfy the different needs of consumers.

Fausfloor is the logical choice for any person concerned about the environmental impact of their décor. Laminate flooring not only uses responsibly harvested, and easily renewed, species of trees, such as pine and oak, but it is also a product that is more durable than most hardwood products. While the look of many exotic species of trees may be readily found in laminate flooring, achieving the same look with a floor made from these rare types of trees may harm fragile environments and require huge amounts of natural resources to harvest and transport. Fausfloor has many patents and innovations of which it is proud; however, we remain firmly committed to discovering the innovations and technologies to make our products an even better- and greener- choice for the future.

Faus Group, Inc. is an innovative global leader in the laminate flooring industry, with manufacturing facilities in Gandia, Spain, and Calhoun, Georgia. Known for its ability to quickly spot emerging trends in flooring surfaces, Faus is also known for an unwavering commitment to product quality.