Durkan presents the latest edition of D*Zine, offering a first look at Durkan’s newest collections including more than 170 new Print, CYP and Merit tufted patterns.

“2012 is off to a very exciting start for Durkan,” said Lee Blair, SVP, Global Head of Hospitality, Mohawk Industries. “We have cultivated several new partnerships that bring a fresh perspective and unique flavor to our 2012 design offerings. This latest issue of D*Zine magazine really captures Durkan’s spirit of innovation and inspiration, while also offering valuable tools such as trend forecasting that customers can use to their competitive advantage in the weeks and months ahead.”

Hospitality designer Stacy Garcia is employing her signature style to create new Durkan Print and CYP collections, and D*Zine magazine offers the first look at this exciting collaboration. D*Zine also showcases the latest work of designers Virginia Langley, Tracy Lee Stum and Oren Sherman.

All of the print collections featured in this issue were designed especially for Durkan’s new Spectronics 25X high-definition printing system. Spectronics 25X is designed to offer greater design clarity and better detailing of shapes, lines, edges and corners.

Durkan sales representative will be delivering issue of D*Zine magazine to qualifying retailers in the next two weeks.