Imports of tile and stone grew in Q2 and Q3 of this year after flattening in Q2 of 2010, according to individual Bills of Lading within U.S. Customs import data. The information is courtesy of Zepol Corporation,

In TEUs, imports of ceramic and stone flooring were 9.00 in Q4 of '08; 5.66 in Q1, 78.12 in Q2, 121.00 in Q3 and 126.93 in Q4 of '09; 71.30 in Q1, 18.60 in Q2, 19.95 in Q3 and 22.80 in Q4 of '10; and 20.00 in Q1, 27.60 in Q2 and 37.29 in Q3 of this year.