TW Flooring Group, in association with SCS (Scientific Certification Systems), has created a Chain of Custody (COC) “Lite” program for resellers of its products.

TW Flooring Group’s CEO William Jopling noted, “Given our years of experience working with the green building community and with all the products we offer with green attributes, we were able to develop a simplified COC program for our distributors - with the onerous reporting requirements fulfilled by us instead of the distributor. And now with our acquisition of EcoTimber, their dealers, in order to maintain the Chain of Custody to their customers who are incorporating these products into various green building projects that require COC integrity, will now also be able to make use of this program.”

Charlie Kerfoot, LEED AP and Wood Product Manager for CMH Space, the nation’s fifth largest distributor, added, “we had recently let our SCS COC certificate lapse because it became impossible to meet the incredibly detailed reporting requirements of FSC. This then meant that we could no longer service the needs of our customers when incorporating FSC wood products in green building projects that require a COC to qualify. We now look forward to making use of TW Flooring Group’s program going forward.”