Pfleiderer AG, the parent company of Pergo, has purchased ATC Panel’s Moncure, N.C. plant. The facility, which produces particleboard and thermofused melamine used in making laminate flooring, will be owned and operated by Pergo sister company Uniboard Panel Division. The company said the acquisition will help cut down on lead times and improve vertical integration.

“Uniboard’s Moncure facility is in an optimal location to service Pergo with the particleboard essential for the production of our high-quality laminate flooring,” said George Kelley, president and CEO of Pergo.  “The proximity of this facility to our manufacturing plant in Garner, N.C., means that Pergo will be able to further increase our manufacturing efficiencies and more quickly fulfill orders from our valued specialty partners.”

As part of its expansion plans, Uniboard said it will invest more than $120 million in the Moncure plant during the upcoming year. Plans call for the installation of a state-of-the-art medium density and high density fiberboard line capable of producing well over 225 million square feet (400,000 m³) of raw MDF/HDF.

The plant currently employs nearly 160 people and produces more than 156 million sq. ft. of particleboard and melamine annually, Pergo said.