Shaw Industries said that its Plant 65 in Andalusia, Ala., is using cooking oil to help power the plant. According to the company, cooking oil, a form of biodiesel, burns cleaner and costs less than traditional diesel fuel. To use the fuel, the plant invested in a unit that can process 100 gallons of cooking oil in 48 hours.

"The $3 per gallon that will be saved by reducing the amount of diesel fuel the facility uses will offset freight costs and make the facility more financially competitive," the companhy said. "Additionally, the initiative provides a positive outlet for disposing cooking oil for employees and local businesses."

As part of the initiative, staffers at the plant are asked to collect discarded cooking oil from friends, family and local restaurants. Those participating in the program are provided with one gallon jugs for collection. No filtering or straining of the oil is needed, Shaw said, adding that so far the company has collected more than 450 gallons of oil since starting the program in May.

“This initiative sends a positive message to the community,” said Shaw’s Cary Baker. “Shaw cares about the environment, and this community cares about Plant 65.”