Centiva has updated its website at Centiva.com with a host of new features, including a platform called C•Media that serves up video posts all about the company, its customers, and products. The site also provides information on the company’s environmental efforts, customer experiences, and technical data.

“Going into the development of the new site, we knew we wanted a communication platform that would allow our customers to get to know Centiva on a deeper level,” explained Thomas Trissl, Centiva’s President. “Customers want to feel good about the sources they choose for products; this site aims to enhance our transparency with them.”

The C•Media platform within the site is similar to a television network with four channels entitled Events, On Design, The Environment, and Thinking, according to the company. Brief video episodes about a range of topics are included on each channel; many more are planned.

“We wanted a dynamic site that would be about design inspiration and help form a community between Centiva, our customers, and anyone who has a passion for design and color, explained Leigh Przyborski, Centiva’s Senior Designer, in regards to the Custom Design and Case Studies sections of the site. “The goal was and is to provide a site that encourages Centiva customers to get the very most from the company’s products and to confidently run with their own design vision,” remarked Przyborski.

The new site also provides links to Centiva’s Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube platforms. “Today, the web is all about dialogs and quickly getting to the information and feedback that you need,” commented Daniel Tallman, Centiva’s Special Projects Coordinator.

“We’ve built the site architecture with a lot of flexibility,” added Brett Olive, Centiva’s Graphic Design/Webmaster. “The launch of the new site is not an end of the project, but rather a starting place to add to the Centiva story and to expand the customer dialog.”